Finally, a mobile golf app easy enough to use while playing golf! It's first and foremost your golf scorecard. It actually looks like a scorecard, but without all the extra taps & screen changes. Distance to the center of the green? Just glance at the scorecard: how GPS is suppose to be! Don't focus on your golf app, focus on you golf game. Isn't that how it should be? 80BREAKR™

Like betting? Real-time winnings & losings below each person's name. How about one less "thing to do"? We can post your ESC score when you hit Game Over. Thirsty? Beverage cart is one tap of the "Beer Me" button away!

Save your valuable time!

Game plan like the pros!

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Have Fun!

Scorecard, Sharing, and Social Media Integration!

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Break your personal goal!

Shot by shot characterization & analysis!

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