Koerve, Inc. Announces Update V2.4.1 of it’s FREE 80BREAKR™ mobile app for golfers ready to Upgrade from their current golf app


This is a new take on golf apps!  Instead of bells & whistles first, how about GOLF FIRST?  80BREAKR is an iPhone golf app the gives you a scorecard first, no frustrating menus, taps, and navigation.

Koerve, Inc., one of golf’s most cutting-edge technology companies, has announced the release of a new version (2.4.1) of their popular golf app that provides a host of interactive features aimed to make golf easier & more fun, while giving you every function you’d expect from a smart-phone app.

The 80BREAKR™ golf app is FREE and is chock-full of benefits! Low-priced in-app subscriptions are available to purchase the easiest way to get GPS distance to the center of the green, automatic and real-time calculation of skins, Nassau, and skills games, and a handicap service that posts automatically for a real USGA handicap index®.

Do you want to improve your golf game?  Golf improvement is not just our name, it’s integrated with the scorecard.  It’s like flipping your scorecard over to track shots easily, while it fills in your score when you hole the last shot on a given hole.

Don’t make the same mental mistakes round after round!  The Game Planning module allows you to think ahead, enter reminders on how to play each hole, and put in a target score to keep your focus on your ultimate goal:  getting lower scores!

80BREAKR™ includes golf course details for almost 30,000 golf courses in three golf course databases:  one is preloaded if there are internet signal issues and contains world-wide courses.  The second is approved by the USGA for official handicap purposes, and the third is a database providing GPS data for over 30,000 courses world-wide.  One can also add any courses not already programmed in the app quickly & easily.

Equipped to work with the iPhone, ipad, and iPod Touch (fifth generation), 80BREAKR™ golf app can be used without data plans (free version only) and allows for a dedicated device to become part of a golfer’s standard set of tools. It also will be available for Android in the coming months.

About Koerve, Inc.

Koerve, Inc., based in San Diego, Ca., develops smartphone apps that make it easier and more fun to play golf and improve one’s game. 80BREAKR™ helps one identify areas for improvement, for further focused practice in that area.

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