80BREAKR™ Golf Scorecard App

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Focus on your golf game, not your golf app!

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Why another golf scorecard app?

What’s different about the 80BREAKR™ golf scorecard app?

Easy to use, just like a paper scorecard but SMART!

  • One glance at your scorecard gives you GPS distance!  Why navigate away to other pages in the app?  That takes time and distracts you from what’s important:  your next shot!
  • How about those annoying 19th hole arguments about who won and who pays what to whom?  80BREAKR™ settles the bets instantly the golf game is over, gives a detailed summary of bets, winnings, and simplifies the 4-way betting knot.
  • What is the MOST fun playing for fun or for $?  Knowing how you’re doing real-time!  Why wait until the 19th hole?  80BREAKR shows real-time who’s up, who’s down, with the $ shown under each player’s name.
  • Have you ever decided to play stroke play, then blow-up on the first hole?  No fun competing for the next 17 holes!  With 80BREAKR™  toggle to match play or skins instantly or Nassau and the day isn’t ruined!

Advanced features are there when you need them!

  • Is the bottom of your sock drawer lined with old golf scorecards and you have three dozen golf pencils in your trunk?  Go Green, save your scorecard, email your scorecard to friends and family!
  • Sometimes you find yourself amazing on the range, then get to the first hole and your shots are all over the place.  80BREAKR™ has a scorecard integrated with a Game Improvement mode.  Easily tap the quality of each shot, then get a chart after the round detailing all the good, ok, and ugly shots of the day measured ON the golf course.  This helps you focus your practice, and measure how shots work where it matters: the golf course!
  • Ever lose your focus during a round?  Do you find yourself saying “I ALWAYS try to reach the green in 2 and land in that pond”?  80BREAKR™ has a game planning feature so you can pick your target score for every hole, and a one-line strategy you can glance at on each tee box to keep your focus throughout the round.

80BREAKR™ was designed to let you focus on your golf game, NOT your golf app!