FAQ: 80BREAKR™ Golf Scorecard App


Q. Why is the 80BREAKR™ golf scorecard app better than other golf scorecards?
A. 80BREAKR™ is the only golf scorecard app that is as easy to use as a paper scorecard, but with everything you'd expect with a mobile device.

No extra screens to navigate, no endless pop-ups, 2-tap & 1-tap scoring: Scorecard centric design.

Designed by a golfer, 80BREAKR was born out of the frustration of using all the other golf apps.  When you use a paper scorecard, how much do you think about and focus on that paper & pencil?  That’s how using the 80BREAKR golf scorecard app feels.  GPS at a glance on the scorecard, competition / betting summary below each person’s name, color-coded like PGA leaderboards, & automatic posting for your official handicap.  

Q. How much does it cost?
A. The 80BREAKR™ APP is a free download.  

80BREAKR has the lowest cost in-app purchases for advanced features in any golf app, that are extra low for a limited time at the start of 2018.

Q. Can I track my golf stats?
A. Yes, all your stats are tracked easily using the on-the-course Game Improvement Mode.

Simply tap the button in the upper left corner of the scorecard to enter Game Improvement Mode.  As you quickly and easily track your shots on the golf course, 80BREAKR is entering your score for you, and showing you the scorecard to enter your 4-some scores between holes.  All your stats are organized at the end of the round.

Q. What is the Game Improvement Mode, and how does it help me improve my golf game?
A. You quickly & easily tap "Good"  "Ok" or "Bad" on the Game Improvement screen for each shot.

Assessing your game on the range may not accurately reflect how you perform in real golf situations on the golf course.  Therefore the 80BREAKR app has a built-in method to quickly & easily assess each shot type with each club you own.  The results are presented in a table at the end of your round.  This allows you to spend your limited practice time on the shots that can really improve your score.  Helping amateur golfers improve is not just built into our name, it’s our mission!

80BREAKR: a way to break 80 in golf

Give your results to your Pro for even faster improvement!

Q. How does 80BREAKR automatically post my score at the end of a round of golf?
A. If you're signed up to the 80BREAKR Handicap Service, your ESC score will be posted automatically.

When the round is over, you are done.  No extra taps, no other apps to load.

Here’s the required description of our handicap service:
80BREAKR™ offers a USGA Handicap Index® that can be used for tournament play. Signing up for the 80BREAKR™ Handicap Service connects you to the closest golf club licensed to use the USGA Handicap System™.   80BREAKR™ manages your scores and index for you and is authorized to provide this USGA Handicap Index® to you.

There are a lot of changes coming for the USGA Handicap System™ in the next couple of years.  The USGA is taking over calculations of handicap, and there are plans to make a combined USGA and R&A handicap.  For now, if you don’t have a handicap service, we can provide you this service.  Longer term we plan to post your scores no matter where you get your handicap service from.  Private club, local association, state association, or any provider like GHIN or USHandicap it won’t matter.  We plan to automatically post your ESC score when you hit Game Over within the 80BREAKR golf app.

Q. There's an 80BREAKR profile, what is that used for?
The profile is there for you to use for several features currently being developed.

The main use of your profile and profile picture is for the Leaderboard feature we’re developing.  This leaderboard feature will be available to compete with your friends real-time in multiple foursomes.  It will show your photo, name, current score, and where you stand in the leaderboard.  We’re also planning a Leaderboard features with 80BREAKR for golf courses, amateur golf tours, and associations with hundreds of golfers.

The secondary use of your profile is for you to select many specific details of special offers that 80BREAKR is working hard to bring to our golfers.  We stay true to our mission statement: help the amateur golfer improve.  Helping you improve includes offering you discounts on lessons for PGA professionals in your area, discounts on golf equipment, golf balls, and local golf announcements you may be interested in.  For golfers in private clubs, you have the ability to find out about member-guest tournaments, specials at the club restaurant, club fitness classes, and more.

We will be expanding the profile significantly over the coming months to include “your bag” and allow an extensive range of options to get deep discounts on items you decide you’re interested in when and how you want them.

For instance, suppose you have a Taylormade driver from 2014, if you select “golf clubs” for specials you might get specials on drivers when available.  More importantly, you get to decide how, when, and how often to get these specials.  You can select mobile, text, email, time-of-day, days of the week, and frequency.  The idea is unique to 80BREAKR.  We’re not going to flood our app with ads from random advertisers, but want to offer real values to our golfers when, how often, and how they prefer to get them.  If you don’t want ANY specials and just want to enjoy golf and the app, no problem!  It’s your profile, and your choice!

Q. Is the 80BREAKR™ golf app available for android?
A. Yes!  It's currently in Beta testing & we're testing it thoroughly to be sure it's up to our high standards. 

We expect the android version to be ready for download early in the 2018 golf season.

Q. What happens if I upgrade my phone, where are my previous scorecards?
A. Right now, we're upgrading the app to store your scorecards in our database.  

Simply login on any device, and all your previous scorecards are there.  Short-term, you can email your scorecard to yourself, the entire foursome, then print it out, or share it with family and friends!

Q. What is the "extras" section about?
A. That area is populated with the in-app purchases for 80BREAKR™. 

These include betting modes (skins, skills, and Nassau), GPS, and the integrated 80BREAKR™ handicap service.  Eventually we’ll have leaderboard, and partner specials in the Extras page.  Have you subscribed to our newsletter & connected with our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts? We’ll be announcing on social media as we add exciting new updates and services to our app & site.

Q. I've tried the app and I think it's awesome!
A. Thanks! Great! 

Please write a review on the Apple app store and leave us some love on our social media! This is actually important because the more people that hear about the 80BREAKR™ golf app and golf handicap service, the more ability we will have to implement all the great new features that are currently in development for YOU! 🙂

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