FAQ: 80BREAKR™ Golf App

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Q. Do you offer a ‘white label’ for my golf course(s)?

A. Yes. We offer a white label. We also offer much more than a white label. We offer an original Mobile Golf Engagement Platform™.

Move beyond email and websites to communicate with, and offer more value to, your members & golfers.

Set up a meeting with 80BREAKR™ management to find out how.


You can customize 80BREAKR™ with our original Gold Label™ and Platinum Label™ services which increase user engagement with your club/course, increase revenue, and increase brand loyalty with YOUR brand.  


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Q. What is 80BREAKR™?

A. 80BREAKR™ is the ORIGINAL app which makes it easier to have fun without getting in the way of your golf game!


It’s a unique electronic scorecard that you can use on your iPhone, iPad, and even your iPod!  GPS, betting modes with real-time tracking of who’s winning or losing, and automatic posting to maintain your USGA handicap index® It also has a unique game planning, and game improvement features integrated with a scorecard that is better than a paper scorecard!   Not only is it easier to use than a paper scorecard and pencil, you can even input your scores with the original scorecard voice recognition system!  Record partial stats of your putts and drive distance, or get a characterization of every shot in your round!  Use it on the course, the range, or practice green to really focus the use of your limited practice time! 


Q. Why would I want to use this APP?

A. The 80BREAKR™ APP is truly a smart scorecard with the focus on ease of use, fun, and functionality that matters to YOU.  It’s Front and Center the best scorecard with all the games, GPS, and official handicap posting from the scorecard, no annoying extra clicks and screens or fluff. There’s nothing to get in the way of a great day on the golf course. The 80BREAKR™ iPhone APP records the scores for your entire foursome.  Calculates course handicap, tracks real-time who’s winning, toggle between stroke and match play, and has over 30,000 golf courses preloaded from all over the world!  USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Japan, Australia, South Africa, and all over Asia!  The 80BREAKR™ iPhone APP was designed from the ground up to be better than paper and pencil.  The design does away with annoying navigation and limits the clicks and screens.  The entire focus and center of the design is the scorecard, and approach not found on any other sophisticated golf scorecard apps!

That’s not all, a sophisticated and easy to use game planning feature is included.  No pro would walk on the course without a scoring plan, and neither should you!  Wonder why you hit it great on the range and not on the course?  The integrated game improvement feature allows you to measure your shot quality while on the course without slowing you down!


Q. There is an app and a handicap service?

A. 80BREAKR™ Easiest Golf Scorecard + Best Game Improvement is an app that will become a natural part of your game. Use it as a scorecard (best one out there!) or fully utilize the game planning and improvement features. It’s a powerhouse of an app.  80BREAKR™ also offers a USGA handicap index®, purchased from this website. You can purchase just the app or just the handicap service, or both. (you’re going to really love having both!)  If you get your USGA club-licensed handicap service from 80BREAKR™, your Equitable Stroke Control score is automatically posted for you at the end of your game.  No extra steps, logins, or websites to go to.  Just play golf, and posting is done for you.


Q. Tell me more about the 80BREAKR™ Handicap Service.

A.  80BREAKR™ offers a USGA Handicap Index® that can be used for tournament play. Signing up for the 80BREAKR™ Handicap Service connects you to the closest golf club licensed to use the USGA Handicap System™.   80BREAKR™ manages your scores and index for you and is authorized to provide this USGA Handicap Index® to you.


Q. How is this different & better than other handicap services?

A.  The handicap service that 80BREAKR™ offers is a one year golf handicap subscription for 365 days from the date of purchase while some other handicap services are based on a calendar year starting in January. For example, if you sign up in the Spring, you get more value out of your 80BREAKR™ handicap service because it will last for 12 months versus a partial year.

The 80BREAKR™ Handicap Service enables you to post your scores and retrieve your current Handicap Index™, necessary to calculate a specific golf Course Handicap™.

When you purchase your handicap through 80BREAKR™, you will be able to post directly from the 80BREAKR™ app.

Purchase 80BREAKR™ Handicap Service now as an in-app purchase from the home page in the app, then click on Extras -> Subscription.


Q. Is the 80BREAKR™ golf app available for android?

A. Not yet, but it will be! Subscribe to our newsletter and like our Facebook & Twitter and Instagram pages to stay in the loop!


Q. Why is the 80BREAKR™ golf app better than a piece of paper & pencil?

A. It’s faster, easier to enter, automatically calculates course handicap and allocates strokes for competing with your friends.  Switch from stroke play to match play on the fly!  Have a great hole?  Take a great pic? Post both to Twitter right from the 80BREAKR™ scorecard. Email your scorecard to yourself (perhaps it’s one to then print and frame!), email it to your foursome, to your golf coach, your dad, your golf buddy, anyone you want! 

80BREAKR™ doesn’t just give you a “link” to your scorecard, IT’S YOURS & YOU CAN HAVE IT!


Q. How does the 80BREAKR™ golf app help you improve your golf game?

A. Use it during your round to characterize your shots, then graph and analyze what shots were causing trouble!  Use it on the range to track your improvement, or take your results to your local pro to get more out of your golf lessons! Our blog has lots of great examples of how useful it is, as well as other insights into the game.


Q. How do I get the 80BREAKR™ golf scorecard out of my phone?

A. You can email your scorecard to yourself, the entire foursome, then print it out, or share it with family and friends!


Q. Why is 80BREAKR’s GPS better than other golf apps?

A. We’ve carefully tested just about every golf app out there with GPS, and frankly, they are painful to use.  New ones have come on the market trying to copy us, and they’re still painful. We’ve gotten rid of the extra screens, the google maps, and the complicated navigation to and from GPS to your scorecard, and added what you’ve been asking for: automatic handicap posting straight from your card, fun competitions, and ease-of-use like no other.  We’re the original scorecard app system offering a complete solution and bringing your game & tools into this century! We’ve integrated GPS into the scorecard, simply tap the “Handicap” row in the scorecard, and it toggles to GPS, and it defaults to the hole you are on, or you can navigate to other holes.

Let’s face it, you mostly play at courses you know well, and you simply need a distance.  No longer hunt for that elusive sprinkler head on the course, simply glance at your scorecard and you’ve got your distance!


Q. What is the “extras” section about?

A. That area is populated with the in-app purchases for 80BREAKR™.  These include betting modes (skins, skills, and Nassau), GPS, and the integrated 80BREAKR™ handicap service.  Have you subscribed to our newsletter & connected with our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts? We’ll be announcing as we add exciting new updates and services to our app & site.


Q. I’ve tried the app and I think it’s awesome!

A. Super Great! Please write a review on the Apple app store and leave us some love on our social media! This is actually important as the more people that hear about 80BREAKR™ golf app and golf handicap service, the more funds we will have to implement all the great new features that are currently in development for YOU! 🙂



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